Wolves Summit – Gdynia

Nazwa, miasto: Wolves Summit – Gdynia

Temat: Start upy, biznes

Miejsce: Pomorski Park Naukowo – Technologiczny

Termin: 14 – 16 kwietnia 2015

Koszt: 599, 799 oraz 1400 zł

Rodzaj: cykliczne, 2 razy w roku

Zapisy: strona internetowa

Prelegenci: ponad 50 osób, do poczytania tu

Uczestnicy: start up-owcy, właściciele firm, marketingowcy

Gifty, materiały:

Networking: Przerwy kawowe, obiadowe, networking podczas wykładów

Oficjalny hashtag: #WolvesSummit

Galeria zdjęć: Wolves Summit fb


Event okiem uczestników:

Michał Piórkowski


One day a friend came by the office to collect some stuff he forgot. While being here he asked me whether I will be joining Wolves Summit, but I told him that it is the first time I hear about this event and have to check it first. So I visited their website, saw the list of speakers, saw the location and the brand identity and immediately bought a ticket. Because good speakers, wolves and Gdynia are the things I really like:)

To enjoy beautiful Trójmiasto (which I strongly encourage you to visit) I arrived few days earlier and thanks to that decision I was able to start the event with the Monday networking thingy. I met some old friends, got few new ones and the atmosphere I felt at that meeting made me feel that the following three days are gonna be fantastic.

Day 1

On Tuesday, eager to learn a lot of new things I went to Ninja Negotiations by Arnon Barnes. It was a perfect beginning of the day – a lot of energy in the room – American style. Arnon wanted to convey to us main rules for successful negotiations:

1. Be honest
2. Give reason why you want to get something
3. Never go first
4. When your problem comes from the heart, people will want to help you "Colombo strategy"
5. Never negotiate with an idiot
6. Show/create competition and a timeline
7. Invest in relationship = "give a shit"

But the underlying rule for all of them is the need to help people – only then will you achieve more. The last 30 minutes of the presentation were a bit worse, because he actually was selling his mentoring but all in all – it was a great lecture.

Next stop was the main stage and Eric Edmeades talking about inception marketing. Another energetic talk with great story telling. He noticed that only about 3% of people want to buy your product right now, so we actually must make them realize that they need it. And the groups we should target are most preferably the people who are unaware of the product or even better – people who are disinterested. Why? Because if we succeed to „convert” them – they will be the most loyal users ever. And what is the best way to convince them? Storytelling. Show them stories of people overcoming their problems using your product/service and they will follow. The idea is that you cannot advertise – you must make them think that buying this particular product or service was their idea all along (just like in movie „inception”).

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay till the end or Erics’ talk, as I rushed to hear Martin Henk talk about moving his company to Silicon Valley and the amazing results in sales that followed. He showed us how getting into the right accelerator gave him a great amount of exceptional knowledge and contacts, that allowed him to think of a better way of selling and expanding. Buy the way I strongly encourage you to try his software – Pipedrive.com – sales CRM.

Next point in my schedule was Michał Sadowski, founder of Brand24 – one of the most successful polish startup. At this point I must say that his presentation was one of the best – design wise. The knowledge we received was also very good. We realized that there is no need of being afraid of competition – in fact 63% of top 500 US startups actually took an existing idea and made it better. He also told us to experiment a lot, use as many existing tools as possible, never wait too long with the product launch and to use slideshare/YouTube marketing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay at his presentation till the end, as I went to hear Doug Brown talking about proven ways to increase revenue by 25%. It was a pleasure to hear such experienced person. He taught us many interesting techniques, but the most important things were:

- Get more referrals
- Help people whenever you can and do not sell while doing it - they will come back to you
- Speak in front of a group
- Nurture your leads
- Follow-up better

Naturally there was a lot more to it, but I think these points cover the essence. I strongly encourage you to google for his presentations.

Next came Piotr Bucki with amazing lecture about pitching – a right man in the right place, because during first two days over 60 startups were pitching in front of Jury in order to win 50k$. So Piotr showed us how to pitch from a scientific point of view. Our brains love stories and we learned how to tell a story that grabs your audience by heart.

The ideal structure of a pitch is:
1. Big idea
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Potential
5. Value proposition
6. Demo
7. Money
8. Team
9. Your estimates

and most of all – SMILE! I must say that when I saw this lecture and thought of the best pitches I have seen all the thing he showed us just felt so right and so true.

The last lecture on Tuesday was given by Damian Winkowski. He showed us how a good development house (DeSmart) became even better and more successful by creating their own startups. I totally agree with everything I saw on his presentation and as some of you know Visuality is also on a similar track right now:)

At the end of the day we joined a great party at Zatoka Sztuki in Sopot – a perfect ending of a great day.

To sum up:

I must say I really enjoyed the event. Organizers did a good job gathering such great speakers and I think all of us are grateful to them for doing it. They will have to work on the technical issues though – a lot of people from the staff had very little idea what was going on, a lot of investors didn’t show up for the speed dates and you could sometimes feel the chaos taking over the wheel. But this was the first time Wolves Summit was organized and I am willing to look away, as I strongly believe the next edition will be much better organized.

And if I were to sum up the summit by one sentence it definitely would be: „Smile, be enthusiastic about what you do, learn a lot and you will create amazing startups”.

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Natig Babayev

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The Wolves Summit was well-organized startup event. First of all, there were a lot of beneficial speakers that shared a lot of experience about different branches of technology, marketing, design, startups etc. Parties were another special and good part of event. I think parties might have been at more exciting places. So, about bad sides of event… The main negative side of event was that at the same time there were a lot of beneficial speakers and it was impossible to participate in all of those events at the same time. Moreover, organizers should have said that from where it was easy to reach Gdynia. Maybe the organizers could have said that from Berlin and Warsaw it was easy to reach Gdynia. For the next time, I expect that event will be held in more beautiful city. Thank you!



Wolvess Summit to trzy dni wypełnione po brzegi wiedzą na różnego rodzaju tematy. Od wiedzy związanej z inwestorami, zakładaniem start upów, przez marketing, organizację webinarów czy zdobywanie środków na działalność.

Jak piszą sami organizatorzy: „Wolves Summit, anglojęzyczna konferencja to miejsce, gdzie technologia spotyka sprzedaż, marketing oraz inwestorów jednocześnie. Wydarzenie jest dedykowane dla uczestników, którzy są głodni sukcesu i podążają za swoim instynktem.”

Co jak co konferencja była polsko – anglojęzyczna, aczkolwiek warsztaty i wystąpienia odbywały się w różnych językach, co nie było zaznaczone w programie.

Kolejną częścią imprezy był konkurs dla start upów:

„The Great Pitch:

Wygraj $50 000 w konkursie dla startupów!”

Startupy z całego świata będą prezentować swoje pomysły biznesowe przed jury składającym się z 20 ekspertów będących managerami wielkich korporacji oraz inwestorami.” Podczas drugiego dnia na sali kinowej młodzi przedsiębiorcy mogli zaprezentować swoje pomysły przed jury i publicznością. Wiele z nich było naprawdę bardzo innowacyjnych. Potem następowały trudne pytania od inwestorów, z których nie każdy potrafił wybrnąć obronną ręką.

Twórcy start upów byli głównymi odbiorcami, dlatego też poza samym konkursem, gdzie mogli zdobyć środki na swoje pomysły organizatorzy przygotowali stoiska, gdize mogli porozmoawiać o swoich biznesach, jak również speed dates, czyli tzw. „szybkie randki”, gdzie rozmawiali z inwestorami i przekonywali ich do zainwestowania w pomysł.

Cała akcja miała również pierwiastek charytatywny z wykorzystanie crowdfoundingu: można było wesprzeć zbiórkę pieniędzy dla wilków.

Wszelkie informacje na temat konferencji możecie zobaczyć w przygotowanym przez organizatorów przewodniku pdf.